Camille & Jacob share their adventures as a married couple together with their community through their blog.  We thought they would be a perfect pair to try Spouse Space out - so asked them to give it a try.  Here is what Camille shared with her readers about their experience using Spouse Space:

"I’m a big fan of taking things to the next level and going from good to great wherever possible. It’s funny how sometimes you cruise along in life and then make one little tweak that makes things so much better. We had the chance recently to try a website/program that helps you do just this with your marriage, called Spouse Space. It’s all about strengthening marriage with practical advice that any couple could benefit from.

Let me start by saying I went into it a bit of a skeptic.  So when we logged in and took the first quiz on Spouse Space, I was pretty happy to see it was really basic universal questions with honest ways for each party to answer about where they currently are in several categories of marriage. I should also add it only takes a few minutes at most, you’re not committing to hours of individual questions, just a couple minutes to rate how you’re feeling about areas of your marriage like communication, household responsibilities, finances, connectivity etc.

From there it’s so easy to turn this into a cheap, at-home date you can do after the kids go to bed. And although there are some serious and heavy questions, there’s a lot of fun things to talk about too- like date nights, dreams, travel, romance, and sex. Yep, I’m pretty bashful about it, and bright red typing this, but I have to say that having a platform to talk about sex tastefully and openly is something pretty amazing and something that can be a marriage game-changer in a category a lot of people just never have the chance to openly and honestly discuss. Plus having a satisfying sexual relationship is one of the issues that come to the front of couple’s therapy, and having the opportunity to talk about it openly yet privately with specifics is such a cool piece of this program, and one of the best things to boost your happiness in your marriage!


You can choose items to work on that you’d like. You can opt to focus on one category or a couple, it’s really all up to you. Once you select the specific action steps you set a time frame, and you create a plan. I mean easy as can be, right to the point, and in an approachable way that helps a lot of marriages look at specific fragments of their relationship and take them from good to great.

 My word it’s helping already! We’re seeing each other more on the weekends, we’re getting a little more sleep, and we’re able to have a little more time to connect and chat and work on our other goals. It’s simple, doable steps.

I’m honestly so thrilled, we’ve had more time together, we’re tackling more together, we’re flirting with each other more, our dates feel even more intentional, and queue the red face, our sex life is better.  I’m loving that what was good is feeling more like great with this easy at-home date that’s super affordable. I love what an amazing product it is!"