Staying Physically Healthy Together:  Marriage Improvement Actions

Look over the below actions together and discuss them.  You can click on any actions in blue to see instructional videos.  Choose 1 or 2 you will commit to focus on taking together and write them down on the paper on which you wrote your prioritized Marriage Success Factors.  This is now your Marriage Action Plan. Set a date for you to check-in on your progress together and write that down also on your Marriage Action Plan.  On your selected date, you will go to Step 3 - Act to discuss your progress together.

 Consider going to the gym together or signing up for the same fitness classes. Seek out opportunities to share in exercise.

 Find ways to work out together at home such as yoga or dumbbells.

 Plan your meals together. Try to add healthy foods you both enjoy to the weekly menu.

 Set a bedtime together to ensure you each get sufficient sleep. Hold yourselves accountable to it.